New Year, New You? It seems that with everything we’ve been through over the past couple years, that our “typical” New Year’s resolutions may have been sidelined. But, now is the time to get off the bench and get back in the game. The fresh start of a new year is the ideal opportunity to refocus for the latest and greatest version of you. As you take into account things you have accomplished, and things you are still seeking, this practice will clear the playing field for your next set of resolutions, creating your path for leveling up in 2022.

Most singles find when reflecting on the past year, there is one common piece that shows up - their dating life. Diving a bit deeper, we have noticed that the focus is generally on the “who” one is looking for rather than nurturing the most important ingredient for a healthy relationship: YOU!

Tip #1: Fall in love with yourself! Your relationship with yourself is so important to a healthy dating life. A common misstep when seeking a relationship is looking for someone else to make you happy or fill that void.

It starts with living a healthy lifestyle and creating good habits. That said, in the new year, get yourself eating better, moving more, participating in activities you enjoy, and finding ways to take time out for YOU every week! Even if it’s only 10 minutes, plan to set aside time to take a bubble bath, a quick nap, treat yourself to a massage, or grab a coffee with a good friend. Our clients at It’s Just Lunch are busy, and we know that daily demands often lead to one’s well-being falling secondary to work, family or other obligations. It’s time to put yourself on the top of that priority list to allow for everything else to fall into place!

Do you ever find yourself having a negative outlook? The mind can be the worst neighborhood to hang out in alone. Whether you intend to or not, those negative thoughts love to hang out in your subconscious and can translate into how you talk to or treat others. Surely, you don’t want to hang out with “Negative Nelly”, and you definitely don’t want to be considered one either!

Exhale negativity.
Inhale positivity.

Time to re-evaluate and ensure you are continually working towards finding the good in every situation. When we improve the way we think and care for ourselves, we improve our overall well-being which will lead to a healthy dating experience.

Tip #2: Reconnect with your passions! What are you passionate about? Is that an easy or hard question for you to answer?

We all know that outside factors like work, kids, money and bills can get in the way of doing what you are passionate about. It’s time to reconnect with things that get your juices flowing. You know you are happier, more inspired and confident when you are doing something that you love. And people who are passionate about something are more attractive too. So if it’s that easy to become more attractive, it’s time to ensure YOU are living a life that’s in alignment with your passions.

Now imagine participating in your passion, and opening yourself up to the possibility of meeting someone who may be passionate about the same thing. OR sharing what you are passionate about with someone on a date and sparking something new within them.

Tip #3: Be Reflective Now ponder this, “would you date YOU?” Funny enough, most people would admit to wanting to change a couple of things about themselves when asked this question. True statement - everyone can learn and grow, no matter where they are in life. It is not about being perfect, rather improving aspects of our lives that improve who we are.

Remember, continued “maintenance” of one’s self is for YOU. The actions are 100% for yourself, yet these actions also have the ability to show others that YOU care about yourself, YOU take care of yourself and YOU have a growth mindset. All of which make you a great catch!


There’s no better time than the New Year to become a “NEW YOU”. That 2.0 version of yourself where you have worked towards having the best relationship with yourself. Starting within will lead you to adding the “plus one” in the future - but, first things first, you’re in the spotlight baby! Shine!

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