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Real people, real reviews. Our clients invest in their personal goals with the guidance of our Washington DC Matchmakers. Three decades of proven success shown by our verified BBB rating and Google reviews.

“ Lindsey is the true professional you rarely meet in the service industries. She is insightful and knows how to create a safe place where real conversations can occur. She brings the highest level of customer service to IJL. Her skills rival and crush the skills seen on the matchmaking shows on Netflix. I am happy to work with her on such an important journey in this time of my life. ”

— Evelyn M   (google.com)
June 2023
“ The staff and approach of IJL are excellent, attentive and a welcome relief from dating apps. I wish I had found then sooner. ”

— Nikki H   (bbb.org)
February 2023
“ I just joined IJL DC not even a month ago and have had a fantastic experience working with Camille and Maggie so far. They have already sent me on three dates since I signed up, and already have two more ready for me coming up very soon. The restaurants selected have been very high-calibre, as has been the quality of the matches - all passionate young professionals working in my area - and the conversation has flowed freely during the dates with solid chemistry. Jolene is providing me with helpful date-coaching in the backfield as well, so I'm confident I'll find someone for me by continuing to work with the DC office's team. ”

— Christian Q.   (google.com)
January 2023
“ Match-making is an art, not a science. If you’re ready to re-enter the dating world and want to meet interesting people, I would encourage you to join IJL. Michelle, Maggie and Jolene have been wonderful to work with. They listen to my feedback and continue to "tweak" my dates. IJL does the work for you so if you're tired of vetting people on dating apps and want more hands-on attention, I would encourage you to use IJL. ”

— Regina S   (bbb.org)
October 2022
“ I have been with IJL for a while and have enjoyed every date that Kim and Ana have sent me on. They are caring and understanding of what I am looking for in a match. Every match seems to get better. My guess it won’t be long till they find me my One. I highly recommend them. ”

— Randy H   (bbb.org)
October 2022
“ I have been a member of IJL and they are an outstanding company to work with. The staff is easy to work with and always asks for my input on my preference. They take a lot of my conversations and come out with a match. This is way better than the dating apps you pay a monthly subscription for and they do all the work for you. All you have to do is show up at the location. How easy is that? Scheduling and meeting locations are completely set up by the IJL staff. Highly recommended. ”

— Marcus S.   (bbb.org)
October 2022
“ I’ve only been with IJL for a couple of months so far and was initially skeptic of its matchmaking method since I've never done it before. However, Lindsey has been very reassuring. She promptly responds when I reach out, patiently listens to my questions, and in turn provides solid advice along with setting up great matches. I am super lucky to have matched with Lindsey as my IJL rep! ”

— John P.   (google.com)
October 2022
“ After investing a lot of time sorting through endless online dating profiles - having thousands of meaningless conversations with bots, cheaters and getting stood up and catfished, I decided to take a break from the online, computer generated algorithms and give IJL a try. It's been almost a month, and with three dates in, I'd say this experience has been great. I've met three professional, attractive, smart and interesting singles and went on second dates with all of them. The conversations were all open and very engaging, and all of my dates lasted for HOURS. The matchmakers at IJL set me up nicely, furthermore my dating coach and client advisor have been very helpful during this process.

I highly recommend this service and look forward to going on more dates in the future! ”

— Torry J.   (google.com)
October 2022
“ I signed up a couple months ago and it took me a while to embrace the process. Brandi has been GREAT at providing matches and giving me confidence that someone has my best interests in mind for a Long Term Relationship! ”

— Spencer D.   (google.com)
July 2022
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